Your Relationship with Money

Posted August 30th, 2010 by Kent and filed in Finances
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Wt knowing it, developed misconception tt wt buy. level believe me spend, tt be successful important. easily develop thinking be bombarded ads, etc. daily equate money wh success.

Do er ads promoting saving, frugality, self-denial? struggling kp wh neighbors friends. nd look this. trying kp wh yr friends, driving io poorhouse.

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Financial Warnings

Posted June 10th, 2009 by Kent and filed in Debt
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Warnings Signs Impending Financial Trouble

Here warning signs alert ft getting close financial trouble.

  • Not paying bills time
  • Writing checks waiting mail them
  • Rarely balancing checking account
  • Taking cash advances credit lines individuals
  • Accepting additional credit cards
  • Paying minimum charge accounts
  • Bouncing checks
  • Borrowing family friends

If you’re debt mt ly nothappen overnight. wl simple debt time persistence. check signs fall io category step bk prepare me forward conquer debt problem.

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