Why Your Credit Reports Matter

Posted September 30th, 2010 by Kent and filed in Finances
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When receive copy credit report, se current creditors future creditors me decisions at you. you’ve negative information you, sh past bills, accounts collection, tax liens, etc. worse financial situation.

Your current creditors information raise it rates lower credit limits, ty cancel yr account. apply credit, creditor review yr report determine ty te risk allow credit.

Other people check reports, insurance companies, employers, landlords. etc. fd negative information wl influence tr decision wt wk wh not. Ty lean td hr rates, etc. you’ve negative information at yr report. Landlords refuse rent employers hire promotion reason.

The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act Saysthat negative information stay report 7 1/2 years. Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy Chapter 13 reorganization stay record 10 years. tax lien wl stay report pay off.

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