What is Your FICO Score?

Posted October 5th, 2010 by Kent and filed in Finances
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Me creditors, insurance companies, employers, landlords, sg called FICO wh yr credit history instead help tm decisions at you. Yr FICO score numeric representing credit risk comes fm credit history. FICO score snapshot manage credit ws idea manage future.

There actually dt credit scores te FICO be industry standard. FICO score visiting myfico.com.

The range FICO score fm 300 850. better. you’ve score 720 considered vy good. yr score bw 720 qualify credit creditors mayselect pay hr interest. he low FICO score landlords choosenot rent beware.

Here ws improve FICO score.

  • Pay debts time
  • Grow yr savings
  • Pay dn yr account balances
  • Fix credit histories
  • Keep at credit apply down

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Why Your Credit Reports Matter

Posted September 30th, 2010 by Kent and filed in Finances
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When receive copy credit report, se current creditors future creditors me decisions at you. he negative information you, past bills, accounts collection, tax liens, etc. worse yr financial situation.

Your current creditors information raise rates lower yr credit limits, cancel account. apply credit, creditor wl review report determine ty wt risk grant credit.

Other people check yr reports, sh insurance companies, employers, landlords. etc. ty fd negative information influence tr decision wt not. ao lean hr rates, etc. you’ve negative information report. Landlords refuse rent employers hire ge promotion se reason.

The federal Fair Credit Reporting ActStates negative information stay report 7 1/2 years. Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy Chapter 13 reorganization wl stay yr record 10 years. tax lien stay yr report pay off.

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Living for Now

Posted September 23rd, 2010 by Kent and filed in Finances
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person lives today? nr te time plan tomorrow. Se fun oy live moment, ignore future fd yf trouble near future.

Here watch tend live now.

  • You save Littleor all.
  • You nearly credit instead paying cash.
  • You rarely pay yr credit sooner swift possible, thinking tt time future.
  • You nearly nr balance yr check book, check yr credit score, yr credit reports, kp household budget.

These types attitudes dangerous, ty catch wh sooner think. fit ts category continue read blog le it.

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