What is Your FICO Score?

Posted October 5th, 2010 by Kent and filed in Finances
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Me creditors, insurance companies, employers, landlords, sg called FICO wh yr credit history instead help tm decisions at you. Yr FICO score numeric representing credit risk comes fm credit history. FICO score snapshot manage credit ws idea you’ll manage future.

There actually sl dt credit scores te FICO industry standard. FICO score visiting myfico.com.

The range yr FICO score 300 850. hr better. score 720 considered vy good. yr score bw 720 qualify credit creditors chooseto pay hr interest. he low FICO score landlords mayselect rent beware.

Here ws improve FICO score.

  • Pay debts time
  • Grow yr savings
  • Pay dn yr account balances
  • Fix credit histories
  • Keep at credit apply down

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