How to get Copies of Your Credit Report

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idea yr creditworthiness, nd copy yr credit report fm national credit-reporting agencies, te all. report wl contain slightly information picture fd errors.

You entitled free copy fm agencyevery year. receive 877-FACT-ACT.

If he ay received report dg past 12 months they’ll charge fee $10 report.

If additional copies you’ll contact eachbureau directly following information.

  • Equifax:; 800-685-1111; Disclosure Department, P.O. Box 740241, Atlanta, GA 30374
  • Experian:; 888-397-3742; P.O. Box 2104, Allen, TX 75013
  • TransUnion:; 800-888-4213; P.O. Box 1000, Chester, PA 19022

If or mail wl nd supply letter wh following information.

  1. Your fl name
  2. Your Social Security number
  3. Your date birth
  4. Your current address previous addresses past years
  5. Your phone number, including yr code
  6. The yr current employer

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