Seven Baby Steps with Dave Ramsey

Posted October 19th, 2010 by Kent and filed in Debt
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Dave Ramsey shares idea debt, using seven steps me easier follow. mt follow eh step ar or can’t skip ahead. Step set $1,000 startup emergency fund. easiest hardest baby step be you’ve decide you’ll stick ts debt.

Save “Rainy Day,” sg Americans don’t do. build emergency fund. Te 50 minutes learn seven steps apply life.

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Warning Signs of Impending Financial Doom

Posted February 10th, 2010 by Kent and filed in Debt
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you’re debt, probably happen overnight. getting wl happen overnight either. warning signs:

  • Not paying bills time
  • Writing checks waiting mail them
  • Rarely balancing checking account
  • Taking cash advances fm credit lines individuals
  • Accepting additional credit cards
  • Paying minimum charge accounts
  • Bouncing checks
  • Borrowing family friends

-Mary Hunt

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Debt Elimination Tips

Posted June 30th, 2009 by Kent and filed in Debt, Money Saving Tips
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Debt Elimination Tips

businessmancalcI wd le yourrecommendations ws kw debt. he listed bw ideas flowing mind. contact form submit ideas. wl ideas tr future post. you’ve arecommendation submit today.

  • Stay Debt. Pay cash purchases don’t debt accept home home.
  • Spend earn. Live income.
  • When yr debt closed out, 60% io savings enjoy remaining 40%,
  • Know yr liabilities. Create spreadsheet sg exactly owe, include monthly payments, interest, balances running total balances. Update monthly pay debt. vy motivating watch change.
  • Only credit card. mt low limit pay month.
  • Build emergency fund. extra money, tax return, birthday, raise, etc. emergency fund. that’s built add debt payoff.
  • Cut credit cards ones.
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Building on Lincoln’s Legacy

Posted June 25th, 2009 by Kent and filed in Debt
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Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln struggled educate hf hard success. knack storytelling swift study. Ar various jobs losing bid Illinois Statelegislature, Lincoln wd entering business partnership William Berry operating store. Berry died untimely death, Lincoln incurred outstanding business debts tune $1,100. Accepting responsibility, Lincoln town postmaster eventually deputy surveyor Salem, (Illinois) county straighten finances. jobs served wl enabled be debt-free.

The jobs oy helped financially, however; ty helped Lincoln broaden circle gain seat Illinois Statelegislature. Fm there, lawyer elected United Ss Congress. course, rest story… Lincoln remained true values honed gifts be revered presidents United Ss history. Lincoln’s administration abolished slavery helped os comprehend equality value education. Lincoln stands example paying debt ultimately benefit entire society generations.

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Consolidate Bills: Use a Bill Consolidation Loan

Posted June 22nd, 2009 by Kent and filed in Debt
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If facing manage credit card or bills, consolidate bills help bl consolidation debt consolidation loan. Bl consolidation excellent method consolidate bills me debt free. Credit card debt or payments eat significant portion monthly budget. consolidation loan eliminate combining yr payments io single monthly payment. Furthermore, reduced monthly payments.

You consolidate bills wh help professional bl consolidation company. lower monthly payments 50%. mt as company tt offers specialized services consolidation consumers debt free.

Bill consolidation consolidates following types bills:

  • Retail card bills
  • Credit card bills
  • Financial institution loans
  • Gas card bills
  • Hospital bills
  • Medical bills
  • Attorney bills
  • Overdue utility bills fm inoperative accounts

When you’re hg difficulties yr monthly payments, consolidation. touch bl consolidation company consolidation professional speak financial condition. conversations kept secret. assessing budget credit details, consolidation professional help design repayment program incorporate debt management program debt consolidation loan program both.

You choosethe date wd yr initial payment. Subsequently, mind jt date payment deadlines.

When register wh consolidation company, negotiations carried creditors lower it rates. Ts enables pay yr debts faster.

Benefits Bl Consolidation

Following benefits consolidation:

  • One inexpensive monthly payment
  • Reduced it rates
  • Prevention bankruptcy
  • Elimination or limit late fees
  • Quicker repayment debt
  • No necessity credit checks
  • StopHumiliating creditor calls
  • Improvement credit rating

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